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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Welcome to Bonsai Technologies

Our Pay-Per-Click Management Services

From conceptualizing strategies to final-stage execution, we take
care of all your digital marketing needs, taking it to a whole new
level. Being a Digital Agency, we cater to all your PPC
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • YouTube Video Advertising
  • Facebook Banner Advertising
  • Facebook Video Advertising
  • Linkedin Advertising

Why Choose PPC for your Business ?

Pay per click (PPC) is the process to gain online visibility on search engines via paid advertising. PPC characterize with some benefits like Geo-targeted provisions, instant results, affordable prices, high- value keywords and custom scheduling as per user’s searches.

Expand Customer Base

PPC services help to expand your client base by including delivering prominent PPC services to them. As the focus is on the most relevant keywords and phrases that resemble the search queries of your target client base.

Improved Traffic

It generates clicks for your website, instead of “earning” them. Such as the sponsored ads, we often see at the top of Google’s search results page, that’s pay-per-click advertising.

Brand Awareness

The branding awareness can be executed using a few steps, such as makes choosing you easier, show your potential customers, and makes it easy to be a loyal customer. Also, brand advertising via PPC impacts the bottom line.

Enhanced Conversion Rates

It is an unbeatable digital marketing service for building a brand’s visibility and enhancing its conversion rates by using the process of keyword bidding for promoting your products and services on other websites.

Control on Advertising Budget

Define your daily or monthly budgets using PPC services and keep your costs down and never spend more. It can be set up at a campaign level so your lead generation campaigns can use a separate budget to your direct response adverts.

Better Marketing ROI

Get opportunities to increase revenue for your company as it is low-cost, a high-yield form of marketing, and useful for every business from a fresh start-up to an industry giant.

Our Pay-Per-Click Management Techniques

With PPC advertising seems simple, managing a successful paid search ad campaign account might be different. If you can’t dedicate enough time and effort to stay insightful of all recent developments to Google AdWords and Bing Ads, and missing valuable opportunities to grow your business through PPC, it’s better you ask for some professional help from the best digital marketing company

At Bonsai Technologies, We have a team of PPC experts who have all the know-how of the intricacies involved in paid and organic marketing in search engines. Bonsai Technologies is one of the best PPC Campaign Management Services Company. We are adherent to a proactive and experienced team who has proven excellence in providing successful Pay Per Click (PPC) Services, Remarketing Strategies to the clients. We believe in attaining a high score in Quality Metrics so our clients can get top position on Google even while spending lesser bidding amount and achieve the Return on Ads Spends (ROAS).

PPC Services We Provide

  • Paid Search Campaigns: Paid campaigns target potential buyers considering keywords they type in the search bar, and this is one of the most comprehensive ways to capture the visitors’ attention while they’re looking for a product or service that you offer.
  • Social Media Paid Campaigns: It’s nearly impossible for businesses to get seen on social media platforms unless you run some pain campaigns. We do it for your business.
  • Google Ads Management: Google Ads is Google’s exclusive advertising platform, where businesses can earn an average of $2 on every $1 they spend on Google Ads.
  • YouTube Advertising: YouTube is credibly the second most favorite search engine, and the emerging consumer choice for video isn’t a recent trend. Users are 27 times more likely to watch video ads than regular ad banners. Further, the businesses that use video ads have the potential to grow revenue up to 49% faster compared to those that don’t.
  • Display Ads Management: These run through the Google Display Network, and show ads to users while they browse other websites.
  • Shopping Ad Management: Shopping campaigns can help if you need to promote and sell your products, services, and get more brand visibility.
ppc services

Why Choose us?

Our team of well-versed industry professionals have years of expertise and are up to date with the latest techniques. We are among the first choice of clients not only in India but all over the world.

We’re Dedicated

Bonsai Technologies offers dedicated services to all of our clients, along with the timely delivery of projects.

We’re Skilled

Bonsai Technologies has over 50+ highly-skilled professionals who deliver optimum results.

We’re Flexible

Bonsai Technologies has flexible working hours with a 24/7 support team to deal with your queries.

We Convert

Bonsai Technologies converts your big ideas into reality that enhances your Business.




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